30 Intentional Days

Small Steps Big Changes

For most of us, life is busy.  It seems like the more things we create to make life quicker or easier, the more ways we find to fill up any spare time we have.  We live in a society that is on the go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  New York City is often known as the “city that never sleeps”, but increasingly we are becoming a society that never sleeps.  There is always something that demands our time or attention, and it can all become a bit overwhelming.  I know so often when I am asked to do something or to commit time somewhere, all I can think is “I don’t have any time!”

making timeSo what can we do about it?  Unfortunately we can’t turn back time or stop the flow of progress, human nature dictates that people will always be coming up with ideas for things we didn’t know we needed to make life easier.  These things often make one element of life quicker, while a number of other things compete to fill the extra time that has been created.  As a result, when it comes to fitting in the things that are important to us, it’s not about having time but about making time.  This is where being intentional comes in.  When we are intentional we make choices about what we do, when we do it, and how we do it.  We are proactive about what we will prioritise and how we will prioritise it.  Of course there will be things that will come up which we can’t control, but making the effort to be intentional helps us be proactive in managing these challenges and ensure that we are giving time to the things that matter most.  When we are intentional we make time for our friends and family, for looking after our mental, physical and spiritual health, and for anything else we see as important.

Being intentional helps us tofilter out the noise andfocus on the need.Being intentional helps us stay focussed.  When we choose to be intentional it gives us the ability to concentrate on the things that are important to us and not get distracted by the plethora of things that would like to take our attention.  Switch on your TV, log into social media, or pick up a magazine and you will see an array of companies, issues and causes seeking your attention.  Being intentional doesn’t mean you don’t see these, or don’t respond to the ones that need your attention, but it does reduce the risk of trying to do everything at once or feeling like you have to solve every problem.

keep moving forwardBeing intentional helps us move forward.  When we can stay focussed on the things that are important to us and not get overwhelmed by everything else going on it gives us the ability to grow and progress.  When we are not intentional we tend to be reactive, which means we are easily distracted from what we are trying to achieve by the latest issue or we try to do too much at once.  When we are intentional we choose to be proactive, meaning that we invest out time in the things that are most important to us and in the areas that we are called to.

Push through the hard times and FLOURISHFinally, when we are intentional we flourish.  Through staying focussed and moving forward we learn and mature into the fullness of all we were designed to be.  When we are intentional with our health, our relationships, our development, and all the other areas of our lives we will seem them constantly getting better.  We will undoubtedly go through some tough times as part of the process, but when we remain intentional we can push through these and see the fruit on the other side.

Look around social media for long these days and you’ll see a variety of 30 day challenges.  It could be 30 days of squats challenges, 30 day photo challenges, or a variety of other things.  For the month of June, we want to take this a step further and invite you to join us for 30 Intentional Days.  This isn’t about building a better booty or taking cool photos, it’s about starting to build a habit of being intentional.  Each day in June we will post up a theme for the day on our Facebook and Instagram (@thepurposedinitiative) pages, and the aim will be to do something intentional around that theme for that day.  It may be around your health, your relationships or your life purpose, but the idea is that you give a bit of time each day to being intentional about that area.  Even better, you may choose to carry that action through the rest of month (or beyond).  For example instead of choosing to do something for your physical health only on the day it’s listed, you may choose to do that activity every day and make it a habit.  Our aim isn’t necessarily to fill your days with activities, but to encourage you to build a habit of being intentional each day.

30 Intentional Days

So will you join with us?  Will you commit to doing something intentional each day for 30 days?  If you do, we’d love it if you tagged us of Facebook or Instagram and used the hashtag #30intentionaldays so we can see what you’re up to and enjoy the journey together.  We believe that from small starts come big changes, and we’re excited for what these 30 days can achieve!



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